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The Return of D'Angelo

Good things are worth the wait. (And wait. And wait. And wait). You get the idea...

With last month’s shock release of D'Angelo's "Black Messiah", the soul singer and multi-instrumentalist returns with his first album of new material in 14 years.

So a great opportunity to revisit a few images from my photo session from him 14 years ago! (Even though I pretty much got a contact high just being in the same studio as him)

And a note for fellow vinyl lovers out there, “Black Messiah” was recorded entirely in the analogue domain, with no digital interventions, using tape and mostly vintage equipment. (Perhaps not a surprise considering that D'Angelo doesn't own a computer and still has a walkman).

Speaking of music, someone asked me about what music I play at shoots like this. Usually (on music shoots) I try to think of what the artist has been inspired by, rather than potentially creating an issue by playing music by their contemporaries. You never know who has issues with who, so vintage can be a good thing. Or if it IS music by their contemporaries, I try to play music by a woman (if the artist is a man) and vice versa.

D and yours truly ^

One more cool thing: Of course this shoot was done completely using film. Meaning: everything had to be nailed down before shooting. There was little opportunity to "fix" stuff after the images were shot. (A future blog post will detail working with Polaroid films like the BW D'Angelo shots in this post)

Wardrobe stylist David K ^ and groomer Rudy

Have you listened to the album? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! And if you would like to discuss a possible project, feel free to contact me - I’d love to get together and talk in person. I live to photograph!