shot with cameras.


How do you start a career in the entertainment business in Hollywood? It helps if you are willing to go out on a limb....

Photographer Beth Herzhaft got her first break in the business by sneaking into the art department at Capitol Records where she met the head of the art dept and persuaded / begged him to look at her portfolio. (That's called cajones. Or chutzpah. Or moxie)

Shortly after, Capitol had her shoot her first album cover, gangster rapper Schooly-D. No pressure...

Further jobs for Capitol and other record companies followed.

The next stage of her career took off after an advertising art director saw one of her fine art images in a gallery (Thanks Mark!) This resulted in an international ad campaign for Arnold Worldwide.

She branched out from there, also photographing for numerous publications, advertising agencies, digital media, restaurants and has had the good fortune to work with many amazing people, businesses and non-profits.

She enjoys the challenge of helping shape the persona that people present to the world. Trust is a huge part of a successful portrait collaboration, and making people comfortable is key: This brings out a strong sense of authenticity that is so important in her images.

In the words of one dear client / friend, "Beth does what great photographers do. She helps her subjects see something unseen to themselves, and in doing so she helps them move their own story forward.”

The rest of the time Beth is shooting fine art. 

Or documenting small and big life events in a photojournalistic unobtrusive style.

 She maintains a studio in Los Angeles, CA. 

She deeply loves what she does, both in fine art and commercially. 

Oh and she would LOVE to hear from you ;-)