Hi I’m Beth. I’m a self-taught photographer born and raised in southern California. My focus is on creating authentic, incisive and loose-but-tight photographs.

I am inspired by the challenge of helping shape the persona that people present to the world. Since trust is such a huge part of a successful portrait collaboration, making people comfortable is key: The trust people have in me brings out a strong sense of authenticity, intimacy and engagement.

In the words of one of my dear client / friends, “Beth does what great photographers do. She helps her subjects see something unseen to themselves, and in doing so she helps them move their own story forward.” (see more portraits)

I got my first break in the business by sneaking my portfolio into the art department at Capitol Records where I ran headlong into the head of the art department and I somehow persuaded him to look at my supernewbie portfolio 😅

Shortly after, Capitol had me shoot my first album cover, for gangster rapper Schooly-D.  Jobs for other record companies followed. (More of these archival images can be found at the Wayback Museum and current music photos are here)

A few years later, an advertising art director saw and loved one of my fine art images in a publication, which resulted in an ad campaign for Arnold Worldwide. From there I branched out doing more advertising work, photographing for publications,  digital media, and non-profits. 

The rest of the time I am shooting fine art work and documenting the world around me in an unobtrusive photojournalistic style. Some of my other likes are music, travel, origami, my cat, and coffee + donuts. I maintain a studio in Los Angeles, CA. and I would LOVE to hear from you 😉