Like a lone tree in an empty parking lot stirs feelings that alternate between fragility one minute and resilience the next, I am captivated by dichotomies – visual haikus where objects and places are imbued with a quiet strangeness.

The subject matter I gravitate towards is unspectacular, the images stubbornly undramatic, with no “decisive moment” – The visual equivalent of the hum of a radio tuned between stations.


I use the compressed tonal range that film so elegantly provides to present a seemingly neutral point of view. The images have a perverse simplicity, often employing intentionally awkward compositions and dry humor: a subliminal guidebook of southern California where the beautiful and the absurd coexist.

I find myself returning over and over to themes of fragility and impermanence in a world marked by contradictions. I do my best to express the confounding knowledge that everything contains the seeds of its opposite.


“Another world is possible, but it’s in this one.” Paul Eluard